Important to note

Read our important notice below:

Important Travel Requirements

  • All passengers are required to have in their possession, the relevant permit and/or affidavit required for air travel in lockdown level 3;
  • South African Port Health Questionnaire (COVID-19) for Domestic, Regional, or International air travel.


Passengers are required to have all the necessary documentation on arrival at check-in, security / immigration formalities and at the boarding gates. Government regulations require all travelers to be in possession of a valid passport, visa, and health documentation (if required) and any other documents that could be required by government regulations. Should a passenger not have the necessary documents, they will not be permitted to board the All About Travel and Guardian Assist flight.


  • In terms of South African regulations during lockdown level 3, airlines can only accept passengers approved in terms of the regulations. For further information pertaining to lockdown level 3, please see below.

  • As per the Department of Home Affairs regulations pertaining to the those departing South Africa post the 01 June 2020 implementation of the downgrade to level 3 of the lockdown, please see below who is permitted to travel,
      • Urgent international travel to exit South Africa;
      • Critical international travel for business purposes and where a successful application must be ensured;
      • Commencement of study on a specific time frame;
      • Where families must be together, including bring parents or family members at risk to more secure locations than South Africa;
      • Permanent residents of foreign countries or where you want to permanently relocate from South Africa;
      • Medical reasons;
      • Where you must undertake urgent international travel and are unsure of the category under which you may qualify;
      • For further information, please refer to the Transport Regulations Level 3 Government Notice, by clicking here.”



Failure to comply with visa and/or passport requirements may result in denied boarding and All About Travel and Guardian Assist will not be held liable for any losses or inconvenience incurred as a result. Non-South African passport holders must have a minimum of one completely unused page within visa page for entry or departure endorsements by South African Immigration Service. Government regulations prohibit airlines from boarding travellers without the required blank visa pages, even if you hold a valid ticket and a valid passport. That requirement for a blank page does not include the page reserved for Observations, Amendments or Endorsements. This rule is not applicable to nationals of South Africa.

All passengers travelling to international destinations must ensure their passports are signed on the space provided at the bottom of the page that lists contact details. This is a requirement from the Department of Home Affairs to which all airlines must adhere to. 


The Republic of South Africa is currently implementing the biometric capturing system at all ports of entry. If you are a non-South African citizen, travelling through these ports of entry you will be required to provide your fingerprints and photograph at the Immigration counter.


The South African Department of Home Affairs amended the requirements for minors (children under 18 years) to travel with birth certificates from 11 November 2019. The requirement is only applicable to minors traveling on South African Passports and they may be required to produce, in addition to their passport, a birth certificate or equivalent document which shows the details of both parents for all international travel to and from South Africa. Additional supporting documents may be required should they fall in a specific category. Customers are urged to obtain more information prior to travel. Passengers may be asked to produce the required documentation at check-in.



The Department of Health requires all air passengers to declare their state of health when embarking on a All About Travel and Guardian Assist flight. Please print and complete the applicable questionnaire. You will be required to present this at check-in on arrival at the airport as one of the travel documents.

  • Travel within South Africa, please click here;
  • Travel into South Africa, please click here;
  • Travel out of South Africa, please click here.
  • A person returning from another country must quarantine for 14 days. For more information, click here.

Passengers that do not present a completed health questionnaire at check-in may not be permitted to travel.